Next Event: Sat. May 18 Brunch and Qugruk Forum w/ McKie Campbell

The Alaska State Society will convene on Saturday, May 18, for another round of brunch and Qugruk conversation* in the upstairs room at Mr. Henry's.  


This month's guest will be McKie Campbell of BlueWaterStrategies LLC. Prior to joining BlueWater, Mr. Campbell was the Republican Staff Director of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee where he worked on a broad array of energy and natural resource issues. Among other positions, Mr. Campbell previously served as Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Hickel, and as a professional staff member for the Alaska state legislature. He has also sat on the North Pacific Fishery Management and Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Councils.

McKie will provide a brief overview of his time in the Senate and share thoughts on how U.S. energy policy is likely to evolve -- and affect Alaska -- over the next few years.

This is event is free and open to allEventbrite - AK State Society Brunch and Qugruk Forum w/ McKie Campbell as seating may be limited. (Your reservation will also help us ensure that we don't run out of food.) 

Mr. Henry's is located between the Capitol South and Eastern Market metro stations, on the southeast corner of Seward Square. Bus stops for the 32/34/36, 90/92, and Union-Station-to-Navy-Yard circulator routes are relatively close by.

(*Why Qugruk? The qugruk, or tundra swan -- like many AKSS members -- regularly flies between Alaska and Washington, D.C.)

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