Team Alaska at the NCSS "Summer Insanity" All-States-and-Territories Softball Tournament

10 hardy Alaskans took to the field this Ted Stevens' day, to participate in the National Conference of State Society's "Summer Insanity" All States and Territories softball tournament.  Team Alaska played Idaho, and lead Montana for the whole game -- until the very last 2 minutes, when the team came up short by just one run.

Game Balls!
1 - Veronica Slajer: Scored our first run
2 - Owen Ranger: Coached the team - assigned positions, kept the team on point!
3 - Tim Fugione: Brought clutch supplies (bats!) also had the longest hit from our team
4 - Eddie Mertz: Golden glove, many good catches and the most spectacular one of the game
5 - Charisse Arce: Pitched out second game did a great job.
6 - Jeremy Price: Pitched our first game, did a great job

Full roster: Tim Fugione, Robert Kaineg, Owen Ranger, Mary Leschper, Charisse Arce, Veronica Slajer, Eddie Mertz, Taylor Thompson, Jeremy Price, Dylan Brauer. Photos by Karissa.

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