Next Event: Saturday November 2 Brunch and Qugruk Forum with Governor Sean Parnell

The Alaska State Society will convene again on Saturday, November 2, for another round of brunch and Qugruk conversation* in the upstairs room at Mr. Henry's.   

This month's guest will be Alaska Governor Sean Parnell.  Since taking office in 2009, Governor Sean Parnell has set forth his administration’s priorities for Alaska: Strengthening our economy, growing job opportunities, supporting our military community, and promoting safe homes and strong families. Governor Parnell will address Securing Alaska's Future - followed by questions and answers from the audience. 
  This is event is free and open to all Eventbrite - AK State Society Brunch and Qugruk Forum w/ Fran Ulmer as seating may be limited. (Your reservation will also help us ensure that we don't run out of food.) 
  Mr. Henry's is located between the Capitol South and Eastern Market metro stations, on the southeast corner of Seward Square. Bus stops for the 32/34/36, 90/92, and Union-Station-to-Navy-Yard circulator routes are relatively close by.

(*Why Qugruk? The qugruk, or tundra swan -- like many AKSS members -- regularly flies between Alaska and Washington, D.C.)


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