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The Alaska State Society is 501(c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan organization with a social, civic, and support mission, serving an active membership of more than 300 Alaskans and friends of Alaska living in the Washington, DC area. The Society is an affiliate of the National Conference of State Societies

Who We Are

Many of us came to Washington to work in the government or military; some to attend school; others found jobs in companies and organizations with Alaska ties, and still others followed love interests or other pursuits that led them to DC. Regardless of how we got here, we all make a point of getting together several times a year to celebrate our common love of the 49th State.

What We Do

The Society hosts an Inaugural Gala every four years, an annual Anchorage vs. The-Rest-of-Alaska softball game and picnic, regular Taste of Alaska get-togethers, and a variety of other Alaska-themed events.

Stay in the Know

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@AKStateSociety), Join our group on LinkedIn, and keep up with us here at alaskastatesociety.org.

Become a Member, Advertize Your Event

For questions about membership, or to let us know about an Alaska-in-DC event, email us at president@alaskastatesociety.org.


The Alaska State Society exists:

a) to foster, participate in, and encourage educational, cultural, charitable, civic, and patriotic programs, and activities in the District of Columbia and surrounding communities, giving recognition to the State of Alaska, especially in conjunction with the National Conference of State Societies and other State and Territorial societies in the District of Columbia.

b) to maintain friendly and cooperative relations with the various State and Territorial societies in the District of Columbia and the National Conference of State Societies.

c) to represent the State of Alaska in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, other national and international activities involving the State and Territorial Societies, and inaugural events.

d) to maintain recognition as a State Society by the National Conference of State Societies by upholding and maintaining the purposes, objectives and integrity, and complying with the membership requirements, of the National Conference of State Societies.

Special Thanks
The State Society thanks its Corporate Sponsors: 

VanNess Feldman

In-kind support furnished by:
If you'd like your company to sponsor Alaska State Society's 2015 events, please contact our AKSS Fundraising Chair, Christine Kaineg at alaskastatesociety@gmail.com.

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